April 23, 2011 Lake Seminole Results


April 23, 2011
Lake Seminole

Matt Baty from Attapulgas, Ga. and Chris Blackmon from Colquitt, Ga. took advantage of their knowledge of  Lake Seminole to win First Place and their second FFTH  tournament for the year with a tremendous catch of 25.50 lbs.They put approximately 20 fish in the boat during the day by using Spro Dawg Top Water Baits and Big Bite Plastics.
Clint Brown from Quincy, Fl. and Scott Canterbury from Springville, AL. were not far behind in Second Place with 24.40 lbs. Their catch was anchored by the BIG FISH for the day of 6.48 lbs. Their technique consisted of Spinner Baits and Crank Baits used in shad spawning areas early and on ledges later in the day. They were able to boat approximately 10 fish during the day.
The father and son team of Robert and Rick Tindell from Leesburg, Ga. took Third Place with a net weight of 23.95 lbs. They fished 10 inch plastic worms and crank baits in 10 foot water along grass lines all day boating approximately 15 fish.
Our Home Depot Grill Winner was Paul Barfoot from Pike Road, Al.
There were 73 fish weighed in for a total weight of 249.80 lbs
Our next Fishermen For The Hungry will be held September 24th on Lake Blackshear out of RAD's Bar-B-Q Lake Shore Marina.

 Baty & Blackmon
win @ Seminole

    April 23, 2011
Tournament Results

1st Place

Matt Baty & Chris Blackmon

2nd Plac
Clint Brown & Scott Canterberry  

3rd Place
Robert & Rick Tindell

Clint Brown & Scott Canterberry

Place Team Weight
 1 Baty, Matt Blackmon, Chris 25.5
 2 Brown, Clint Canterberry, Scott 24.4
3 Tindell, Robert Tindell, Rick 23.95
4 Sneads, Jamie Hill, Trent 21.72
5 Hambrick, Brad Bass, Clark 18.86
6 Brock, Mason Thurman, Bryan 16.7
7 Barfield, Jed Davis, Brad 16.18
8 Cleghorn, Al Meeks, Clint 15.94
9 Bushore, Steve Neal, Sean 14.62
10 Blanton, David Folds, Dustin 14.08
11 Harris, Nick Harris, Jason 13.42
12 Harrell, Stacy Jordan, Frank 12.99
13 Tinsley, Mark Tinsley, Marcus 11.52
14 Luke, Vance Merritt, William 10.6
15 Snipes, Jerry Snipes, Dewey 7.82
16 Lane, Stephen Oliver, Edwin 0
17 Parker, Jimmy Parker, Theo 0

Home Depot Grill winner: Paul Barfoot

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