March 12, 2011 Lake Eufaula Results

Lake Eufaula

March 12, 2011
Lake Eufaula

Fishermen For The Hungry Lake Eufaula 3/12/2011

The Father and Son Team of Tom and Mike Pierce from Edison, Ga. took First Place and Big Fish with a five fish limit tipping the scale at 17.60 lbs with the Big Fish weighing in at 5.66 lbs.

Berry Gray and Timmy Rowell from Blackshear, Ga. took Second Place with 14.22 lbs

Our very special volunteers for the day  were Hayley, Meghan, Lea, Danny, Michael(Bobcat), and our newest volunteer Bowen Williams.

Our Next event will be held on Lake Seminole, out of Wingate’s Lodge, April 23rd and we sincerely hope to see all our fishermen there helping us to REEL IN HUNGER.

 Pierce & Pierce
win @ Eufaula

    March 12, 2011
Tournament Results

1st Place

Tom & Mike Pierce

2nd Plac
Barry Gray & Timmy Rowell  

 Tom & Mike Pierce

Place Team Weight
1 Pierce, Tom Pierce, Mike 17.6
2 Gray, Barry Rowell, Timmy 14.22
3 Stafford, Hubert Holt, Steve 11.16
4 Parker, Jimmy Parker, Theo 9.4
5 Snipes, Randy Miller, Brad 9.22
6 Cantrell, Ronny Sweeney, Tommy 5.96
7 Etheridge, Curt Brannon, Norman 0
8 Smith, Dwayne Goodin, Mark 0
9 Everett, Jake Futch, William 0
10 #N/A #N/A 0
11 Smith, Jason Murdock, Bill 0

Volunteers for the day