January 29, 2011 Lake Seminole Results

Lake Seminole

January 29, 2011

Lake Seminole

Matt Baty from Attapulgas, Ga. and Chris Blackmon from Colquitt, Ga. took advantage of a very beautiful day on Lake Seminole and topped our winnerís board with an amazing five fish limit of 26.36 lbs which also included the BIG FISH for the day of 6.56 lbs. Calm wind, 70 degree weather, and their knowledge of the lake paid off with a First Place check for $1000.00 and another $250.00 check for the BIG FISH for the day.  Their technique consisted of fishing Spro Little John Crank Baits and Spro McStick Jerk Baits all day. Their big fish was caught on the Little John.  Their efforts put at least 25 fish in the boat during the day.

Steve Holt from Colquitt, Ga. and Jerry Stafford from Westville, Fl. made a very strong push but came up just 1.64 lbs short from the top earning a Second Place check of $500.00 for their 24.72 lbs catch. Their technique consisted of fishing Carolina Rigged Watermelon Red worms on the edge of grass beds putting 10 or more fish in the boat for the day.

Al Cleghorn from Fitzgerald, Ga. and Clint Meeks from Plains, Ga. were not far behind with a Third Place catch of 23.76 lbs and earned a check for $250.00 for their efforts. They also used Carolina Rigs and lizards during the day putting 14 fish in the boat.

Robert Blount and Stephen McCord from Dothan, Al. earned a Fourth Place check for $225.00 with their 19.12 lbs catch.

Gerald Zorn from Ashburn, Ga. and Bryan Thurman from Bonifay Fl. took Fifth Place and a check for $200.00 with their 15.36 lbs catch.

We had 25 teams fishing,  total pay-out for the day of $2,585.00, 77 fish were weighed in for a total weight of 245.36 lbs, and 100% of the fish were released alive.

Our next tournament will be held on Lake Blackshear, out of the Veteranís State Park, on the 26th of Feb.

We sincerely hope to see all our teams participating and helping us to REEL IN HUNGER.


 Baty & Blackmon
win @ Seminole

    January 29, 2011
Tournament Results

1st Place

Matt Baty & Chris Blackmon

2nd Plac
Steve Holt & Jerry Stafford  

3rd Place

Clint Meeks & Al Cleghorn

 Robert Blount & Stephen McCord

Matt Baty & Chris Blackmon

Place Team Weight
1 Baty, Matt Blackmon, Chris 26.36
2 Holt, Steve Stafford, Jerry 24.72
3 Cleghorn, Al Meeks, Clint 23.76
4 Blount, Robert McCord, Stephen 19.12
5 Zorn, Gerald Thurman, Bryan 15.36
6 Calhoun, Reggie Yakin, Bobby 14.9
7 Howell, David Roach, Mickey 14.26
8 Smith, Dwayne Underwood, Bobby 14.22
9 Brock, Mason Oliver, Cameron 14.08
10 Browning, Brian Rockett, Tim 13.88
11 Neel, Sean Koundourakis, Andy 12.84
12 Hall, Wendell Palmer, Matt 12.82
13 Blanton, David Macarages, Andy 10.88
14 Sharpe, Jimmy Barnhart, Michael 10.02
15 Gray, Barry Rowell, Timmy 9.54
16 Stewart, Steve Creel, Johnny 8.6
17 Parker, Jimmy Parker, Theo 0
18 Anderson, Wayne Anderson, Darryl 0
19 Saunders, Shane English, Jim 0
20 Kinlaw, Colt Kinlaw, Stevie 0
21 Holland, Keith Anderson, Terry 0
22 O'Hearn, Elton Harrison, Justin 0
23 Johnson, W.C. Tullos, Tommy 0
24 Hambric, Brad Bass, Clark 0
25 Roberson, Earl Shiver, Brad 0